Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Vintage Transmissions by Russ Sylvis?

Trust Your Vintage Car's Transmission To Us!

Vintage Transmissions Are Not Like Newer Ones

Vintage transmissions are not like the newer ones. There are upgrades that have to be done and special tools needed so the transmission will work properly and dependably.

Regular Transmissions Shops Don’t Have the Experience

A shop that rebuilds newer transmissions doesn’t know their way around the older ones. Don’t let the late model shop experiment with your transmission. I have fixed transmissions that other shops have worked on multiple times. Don’t get stuck taking your transmission back and maybe never getting it fixed right.

I have been rebuilding the vintage transmissions since they were current (over 50years). I learned on them. They are not new to me.

I have over 50 years experience in rebuilding automatic transmissions. I learned to be a rebuilder on these early transmissions and rebuilt them when they were common.

Special Tools and Experienced are Required to Rebuild These Transmissions

When it comes to vintage car transmissions like these, you can’t just take it to any transmission shop.  That is because to properly rebuild them, special tools and upgrades are required for them to work properly.  My vast years of experience make me one of the only classic car transmission specialists that get it right in the western United States.

Call me to discuss your transmission, and you’ll quickly see why I am the top choice among classic car owners.

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